TranSendIT is a complete and flexible "Export Shipment Processing Service" that provides the means to create, manage and share shipment data across the supply-chain. Shipment information is electronically distributed to authorized members of the "Shipping Team"; including the Shipper, Suppliers, Customers, Customs Brokers, Service providers, Government agencies and other authorized trading partners.

TranSendIT provides both the network service and application that allows the efficient and compliant movement of all goods, including FDA regulated products, into the United States and Canada. The TranSendIT
service improves work flow and constantly meets government regulations and requirements for companies shipping or distributing.

TranSendIT service uses EC Global Dynamic's unique "Half-Web" technology to electronically distribute the shipment data to "The Shipping Team" and other parties, including government agencies. A trading partner does not have to be a
TranSendIT service user to receive or send shipment information, as the data can be transmitted in a variety of ways and formats.

E-Manifest Truck Module is designed for carriers looking for an easy-to-use and cost effective method of meeting the electronic manifest requirements of US Customs.

Features and Benefits

TranSendIT reduces costs and improves efficiencies in many ways:

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