TranSendIT Features and Benefits
The features and benefits of TranSendIT are many and varied. Some, like cost savings and improved speed are universal. Other features will benefit specific industry segments. Read on...
  • Simplifies the creation of Shipment Records and Documentation
      Shipments are created in one of several ways:
        • By using the ODBC drivers, the shipment file can be created in real time by having TranSendIT access the customer's internal systems (i.e. inventory, order-entry, etc.) to retrieve existing shipment information.
        • By importing shipment data files created from existing order-entry or inventory programs.
        • By using the Copy / Paste Items feature to fill in product information from customer maintained databases.
        • Manually, by using the internal input screen to access a series of drop down boxes to select the Shipper, Consignee, Customs Broker, Carrier and Product information.
            Shipments created manually are built on a single input screen. TranSendIT makes extensive use of databases to store customer, product and other information. Keystrokes and errors are reduced by using drop down boxes to access the databases and select the "Ship To" company (Consignee), Broker, service level, products and other information regarding the shipment.

            Once the shipment data has been saved, all necessary paperwork can be generated, including the ProForma Invoice, Manifest and Bill of Lading. An electronic copy of the shipments can be posted to the e-Manifest Data Server for use by carriers to submit the Electronic Manifest to US Customs.

          • Improves the accuracy and integrity of product information

          TranSendIT uses password protected web databases to manage several of the databases, including Product, HS Tariff, Broker, Carrier and FDA Producer. Only authorized personnel can access these databases. When new shipments are created or existing ones changed, the revisions are automatically distributed to the appropriate TranSendIT installations user via the "Synchronizer". Individual installations receive the updated database information simply by opening the program or running the internal synchronizer utility.

          This allows a single location to manage these databases for offices in other geographic locations. The shipping clerk in Metropolis is accessing the same product list (with the correct HS Tariff, FDA Number, Country of Origin, etc.) as the shipping clerk in Gotham City.


          • Simplifies obtaining FDA Prior Notice (PNN) numbers

            If your products require an FDA Prior Notice number, you already know about the wasted hours spent on the FDA web portal generating the PNN Number.

            eliminates that entire step. FDA Prior Notice numbers are obtained directly through TranSendIT as a function of simply processing a normal shipment. When the shipment has been created in TranSendIT and electronically sent to the Broker, the data is transmitted to US Customs. Customs sends the shipment and product data to FDA and FDA assigns the Prior Notice number and returns the information electronically to the EC Global Dynamics data server. The Prior Notice numbers are sent back to the TranSendIT user, where the data is received and displayed.

            Similarly, as the status of the shipment changes with Customs or FDA, status and other messages are electronically distributed to the TranSendIT installation.



          • Easy-to-create reports
          TranSendIT features a powerful spreadsheet styled report generator. This intuitive utility includes over 75 unique callable and searchable data fields to allow users to locate information quickly and easily. Shipment details are accessed and displayed on the Report screen and can be copied and pasted into other applications, such as Excel and word processing programs. One time "adhoc" reports can be generated to quickly locate specific shipments.

          • Enter courier (UPS) shipments and create tracking number and label
          TranSendIT can meet the needs of customer shipping via courier services. TranSendIT generates UPS approved tracking numbers and mailing labels and rates the shipment as part of the shipment input. The user only needs to select the level of service and enter the weight and, if needed, the box dimensions of each shipping container.

          TranSendIT allows users to take advantage of the difference between the UPS International rates and the US Domestic rates. Packages are transported into the US using a carrier and Customs Broker and then sent via UPS to the final US destination.