The Half-Web Technology

EC Global Dynamics' unique Half-Web technology provides four components:
  1. A custom desktop based solution that includes:
    • smart e-forms to facilitate data capture;
    • a robust data manager and report generator that allows users to create and generate customized reports;
  2. An Internet-based Synchronizer set up to automatically harmonize Participant databases. The desktop solution allows Participants to both enter and edit information and update the local databases as part of the "Save" routine. Non-contributing Participants update their local database by simply opening the application during any Internet session.
  3. A web based viewer that provides authorized Participants the ability to view information on the internet using any common browser software (i.e. Microsoft Explorer, Netscape Navigator).
  4. A Graphic Image Server that allows participants to post images that are associated with specific items or products.

How It Works
  • Data Sharing

    Transactional information is captured and stored in a database on the local desktop based application by filling single point of entry smart electronic forms or templates. Once the data is captured, the built-in communications tools route the exchange of files to the associated Trading Partners. Files are automatically received and saved and the local databases updated.

  • Marketplace Exchange

    A marketplace exchange is a collection of trading partners using EC Global Dynamics's services to share transactional data. There is no limit to the number of Trading Partners that can exist in a Marketplace Exchange. Accurate transaction processing is assured when supplied data is used.

    Program, database upgrades and updates provide additional functions and features and ensure Participants that files and databases comply with Trading Partner and Industry standards. All participants have the same rights to establish a private Marketplace Exchange that exactly matches their needs. A major benefit is the ability to extend the level of service of these business units to become client-compliant at any service level.

    Portal and other file translation services are available by arrangement to allow "larger-needs" participants to use their current software applications and link to the service. The Communications Engine/Manager uploads/download files to servers using FTP. This Communications Tool can be "bolted-on" on to existing software to establish a cost effective "Intranet" service across the enterprise that links remote staff, branches and departments between the service and custom(er) software and other servers.
  • Buying and Selling

    Suppliers post an electronic catalog to the EC Global Dynamics' Data Exchange server. Interested Buyers run open ended searches to locate items meeting Buyer supplied criteria. Matching results are temporarily displayed in a spreadsheet format. Quantities being ordered are entered and the resulting electronic purchase order is sent to the Supplier. The transaction file can be restricted to that used by EC Global Dynamics' software or can be configured for receipt and use in the Supplier's existing software programs.

    Images can be stored that link to specific items files and can be viewed when product validation is required.

    Sellers can setup private catalogs for specific Buyers containing negotiated prices and other contract information. Transaction history is stored and can be accessed, edited and re-issued.

  • One time data entry screens eliminate input errors.
  • Participants access and manage database on Desktop.
  • Creates efficient information distribution channel.
  • Reduces demands on Server and maintains server speeds.
  • Custom reports are generated on the Desktop in a timely way.
  • Portal arrangements and files transfers are easily arranged.
  • Application can be customized for individual Participant needs without interrupting integrity.
  • Stores and maintains files securely on the Desktop.
  • System managed Dial-out controls access and ensures security for both the Server and Participant.
  • Provides spreadsheet styled Report Generator.
  • Exports report-data to other applications.
  • Organizes and exchanges data to user requirements.

  • E-Business Mailbox for the exchange of transactions and supplier files.
  • Data Exchange for participants to post product information and exchange private catalogues.
  • Image Exchange for participants to post images that are associated by URL to products.
  • Data Synchronizer provides a secured environment to monitor and harmonize remote data.