The EDI-Link works by allowing easier access to already existing data. 

The data can be captured in several different methods:
  • As the document or file is being printed;
  • By emailing a spreadsheet or ASCII file(s) to the EC Dynamics Server;
  • By printing the document or file to a PDF file, then emailing the PDF file to the EC Dynamics Server;
  • By printing the document or file to a PDF file, then posting the PDF file to the internet via the EC Global EDI-Link upload page.
Through the optional use of external databases, additional data fields (i.e. Price, Tariff, Country of Origin, Producer, etc.) can be stored and automatically retrieved from the databases and included in the final file. This prevents the original documents or files from which the data is being captured from needing to include all the required information.

Once created, the resulting data  files can be electronically sent to the authorized receivers, or imported into an internal application for additional processing.

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TranSendIT is a complete and flexible Export Shipment Processing Service that provides the means to create, manage and share shipment data across the supply-chain. Shipment information is electronically distributed to authorized members of the Shipping Team; including the shipper, customs brokers, suppliers, customers, service providers, government agencies and other authorized trading partners.

The E-Manifest Truck Module meets the Carrier's ACE requirements by creating and sending Trip information to US Customs in advance of the load reaching the first Port of arrival.

Sample Features:
  • Prior Notification (P/N) requirements of US Customs and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
  • Electronic Manifest is generated and sent to US Customs by the Carrier in advance of the load reaching the first Port of arrival
  • Section 321 Rule is supported, potentially saving the shipper customs duty on low value shipments
  • Sharing of critical databases;
  • Streamlines the Process and Procedures, reducing costs and errors
  • Printed Documents required by Customs and carriers are generated. These include the ProForma Invoice, Canadian Commercial Invoice, Inward Cargo Manifest and Bill of Lading, plus many more
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The Vehicle Importation Network System (VINS) software automates the processing of paperwork required to move vehicles to the US. This is a database program that uses a single input screen to capture shipment data. Paperwork and clerical errors are eliminated when data is provided by one user, and then electronically passed to other installations where the data is received and forms printed. The VINS Marketplace Exchange includes vehicle exporters and importers, bond and Insurance providers, customs brokers, vehicle recyclers and other parts suppliers and government agencies (such as the US Department of Transportation).

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