Editing Imported Data

Client Description:

The client is a manufacturer and exporter of hand tools.


To provide a method of using shipment information already stored in the client's order-entry system to:
1. Generate required documents.
2. Create a computer readable file for use by their Customs Broker.

3. To further automate the generation of UPS shipping labels.

Ability to Provide Data Electronically:

The information required by Customs is stored in the client's internal order-entry system..

Solution Implemented:

The TranSendIT program, using the EDI-Link - ODBC Driver program to import the shipment files from the order-entry system.

Solution Details:

The TranSendIT program is a complete and flexible "Export Shipment Processing Service" that provides the means to create, manage and share shipment data across the supply-chain.

Through a use of a "data import" function, the system runs the ODBC link.  The ODBC link works by running a "select statement" which accesses the shipper's internal databases and files in their order-entry system and "builds" a list of all shipments meeting the preset conditions.  The user selects the shipment record(s) that will be processed for actually shipping. 

The TranSendIT program provides the user with the ability to review and modify the shipment data that has been imported prior to saving a final version for distribution.  This was critical, as the number of units retrieved from the order-entry system may be changed to deal with back orders.